Bigger is not always better: What we can learn about data journalism from small newsrooms

by Bettina Figl

DUyO-4FW0AAHLkM.jpg-largeBettina Figl’s paper on data journalism in small newsrooms is based on literature, case studies and interviews with heads of newsroom data teams in Germany, Austria and the UK. Her findings make it clear that data journalism is all about team work, and size is no barrier to innovation.Indeed smaller newsrooms can be at an advantage when it comes to integrating data teams. Journalists in smaller publications often communicate better with each other, are more willing to take risks, and can change the culture of the newsroom more easily. Limited resources and lack of expertise in data journalism can be overcome by collaborations and networks like The Bureau of Investigative Journalism’s Bureau Local, which connects local newsrooms all over the UK. The paper can be downloaded here.